A Quick History

Northern Utah Trials’ history is traceable back to the early 80’s where it began as Utah Track & Trials and was owned and operated by Steve Mooseman.  It’s genealogy prior to that is unclear.  When Steve’s real job started putting more demands on his time, he realized that he would be doing an injustice to the Utah trials riders by continuing Utah Track & Trials.

Steve sold the business to Jeff Kingsford who renamed it to Top Notch Trials.  Jeff was very successful in growing TNT to accommodate the increasing needs of the trials riders in the Utah, Wyoming, Nevada, Idaho, and Colorado region.  As the biggest trials shop in the area, he took on the Fantic, Beta, Gas Gas, and Montesa franchises.  Jeff enjoyed supporting trials and (successfully) riding the National trials circuit until 1994, when he got a serious case of trials burnout and turned his attention to snowmobiles.

Seeing a need to keep support for trials riders in the area, Jeff sold the business rights to Roger Larsen and Stan McVey.  Roger and Stan adopted the name Northern Utah Trials Supply and the business functions under this name today.  Shortly after getting NuTs thriving in the area, Roger’s priorities changed and he moved off to school leaving the operation in Stan’s hands. 

While the name has not remained constant, the core of the business has and it has been serving the needs of trials riders for over 25 years.


Northern Utah Trials Supply is located at

 2595 W.  800 N.

West Point, Utah, USA 84015