Parts Sale!

We need to clear some of our Beta parts to make room for other stock.  Look over the list of parts below and see if there's anything you can use.  All the parts listed are new and everything is discounted off the original retail price.  So not only are you getting a part at, say, 1998 prices, you're getting an additional discount on top of that.  Aye Carumba!  Even if you don't need a particular part now, it may be worth the effort to pick up something you may need in the future.  Chances are real good this stuff won't get any cheaper!  Prices are in US dollars for each item (not for the quantity listed) and do not include shipping from Utah, USA.  If you have a question about a particular part, ask.  We can also send pictures of parts to help you decide whether or not an item will fit your application.  Please note that this is NOT and all-inclusive list of our parts in stock.  Also note that plastic parts from 80's and 90's Betas are no longer manufactured and stock has been used up (rear fenders, in particular are completely out-of-stock at the factory), and Motoplat ignition parts (coil, magneto, etc.) for 1985-1993 are all sold out as well.  You can retrofit a Techno ignition system onto your Zero or TR34 if your original is dead, but it comes at a price because you must replace all ignition components.

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Work in Progress

(Last update - August 27, 2012 )


Sorted Alphbetically:

MFG Part # Item Description QTY Sale Price
11.5797 Bolt, Lower Motor Mount, Beta Zero 3 $4.50
13.4760 Bushing, Shock Linkage, Beta Zero 3 $6.11
29.1335 Cable, TR32 Front Brake 1 $12.95
Caliper Rebuild Kit, Zero/TR34C Rear 1 $17.00
20.0271 Caliper Rebuild Kit, 98 Beta Rear 1 $9.36
12.6266.0.57 Clutch Cover, Inner, Techno 1 $99.00
12.67930.0.57 Cover, Water Pump, Beta Techno 1 $39.00
12.88050.0.52 Disc Guard, Rear, 97 Techno 2 $11.66
Fork Brace/Fender Mount, 86 Beta TR33 1 $20.00
28.9838.0.00 Fork Brace, Beta Zero 1 $38.00
20.08430 Fork Guard, Upper, 97 Techno Right Side Only 1 $5.00
11.22020 Fork Seal Housing, Paioli USD, Zero-94-95 Techno 1 $50.00
29.10512 Gas Cap, 00 Beta Rev-3 1 $18.99
16.29490 Kickstand Pad, Techno/Rev-3 1 $2.25
20.03000 Lever, Brembo Front Brake, TR34/Zero 1 $20.95
10.66870.00 Oring, Water Pump Zero 1 $1.13
29.15860 Radiator Hose, Upper, Techno 2 $7.29
29.1562 Radiator Hose, Upper, 90 Zero 1 $21.99
10.4380.0.00 Seal, Clutch Shaft Beta 2 $2.70
28.9911 Shock Reservoir Bracket, Beta 1 $8.50
27.2416 Spoke, Front, TR34R/C 5 $1.71
27.2492.0.00 Spoke, Rear, Beta Zero 4 $1.90
12.7308.0.58 Sprocket Cover, Zero (91) 1 $11.99
  Stickers, 97 Techno Frame (Tank) 1 $13.50
27.7386.0.00 Washer, Kickstart Return Beta 6 $0.45
10.2771.0.00 Waterpump Shaft, Zero - (Techno impellor retrofit) 1 $80.91