Long Range Kit


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First Impression

After several delays, we finally got our first Long Range Kit for the Rev-3.  True to Beta workmanship, this kit is well thought-out and top cabin, not some slapped-together-let’s-make-it-work afterthought.  Functionally, it’s superb.  Aesthetically, we’ve experienced mixed feelings.  Nobody has called it butt-ugly, but we have gotten a couple “Eh, the styling could have been a bit better” types of comment.  Most folks who’ve seen it are just fine with the styling.  This is, of course, a personal thing.

 Personal tastes aside, this is by far the best trail kit for a trials bike to date.  There are some excellent trail configured trials bikes out there (e.g. the Scorpa Long Ride), and nobody is saying they’re bad, just that the Beta Long Range Kit is a bit more capable.  Even the highly sought after ’98 Beta Alp pales in comparison to the capability of a Rev-3 with this kit.  The big advantage is the additional 4 Liters of fuel – you can get some decent range out of these things.

 The tank extends under the seat, thus adding a little height to the seat which allows the legs to straighten out a bit more when sitting.  Surprisingly the added seat height does not seem to interfere with trials-type riding in all but the most advanced of obstacles.  Most casual riders won’t even notice the seat is under them when they stand to tackle technical parts of the trail.

 The kit comes complete, including a “Tee” fitting for your fuel line, additional fuel line, and even longer vent hoses for your gas caps.  The mounting of the assembly is a work of art, and is solid.  On the 2000-2006 version, the front is held down by the gas cap on the main frame.  A new gas cap with a long shoulder is provided with the kit – the original gas cap gets moved to the new tank.  The kit comes with a new upper shock bolt and a new airbox support bolt.  These bolts are drilled and tapped to accept the screws that hold the back of the Long Range kit in place. 

 Initial installation takes between ½ to 1 hour.  The airbox bolt is particularly nasty because of the hard to get to nut on the back side.  Otherwise, the kit is quite simple.  Install the bolts, brackets, “Tee” fitting into the fuel line, and you’re practically there. 

 Once the hardware is installed and adjusted properly, installation and removal of the kit is a 2 minute job.  Two minutes to go from a world class competition bike to the ultimate mountain bike.  Not bad.

 The new tank is equipped with a petcock, so you can elect to run off the main tank, or the auxiliary tank, or both!  If 7 liters of fuel just isn’t quite enough, you can add yet another liter with a HEBO auxiliary tank that mounts where the headlight goes.  8 full liters of gas, and none of it on your back!  Cool.

 The kit was tested at a local trial competition in advanced-level sections and the rider hardly noticed the assembly.  Granted, the tank was empty so there wasn’t 7 pounds of gas sloshing around, but the point is that the bike is still a very capable trials machine while in trail configuration.  If you want the capabilities of a trials bike with lots more range and comfort, a Rev-3 with a Long Range Kit is your answer.  It’s like having two bikes for the price of one!

Long Range Kit installed on a 2004 Rev 3