Travel Times to Trials

A time-guide to various places in Utah

NOTE: These are actual travel times rounded to the nearest 5 minute interval and are to be used as a guide.  They do not take into consideration traffic, construction, accidents, or other potential impedances to your progress (or lack thereof) - so if you hit the Provo area around 5 PM, for instance, you're likely going to encounter heavy traffic.  Unless otherwise noted, stops along the way have been subtracted out leaving what is posted the actual driving time.  All times were recorded at speeds no greater than 5 MPH over the posted tend to increase your travel time and suck some of the fun out of the entire trip.  For convenience the table is broken into destinations and then into waypoints along the route to that destination.  As in a trials section, there are often different lines to the final destination and we try to use alternate lines for comparison when we can.

Time Miles To From Via
  Desert Mountain    
1:45   Eureka West Point I-15 & Santaquin
2:00 130 Little Sahara turn West Point  
2:40 162 Desert Mountain West Point  
0:40   Desert Mountain Hwy 6  
0:25   Hwy 6 Nephi  
0:25   Nephi Spanish Fork  
2:00   West Point Hwy 6 Jericho turn  
2:45   Desert Mountain West Point I-15 & Nephi
1:45 102 Elberta-either way West Point Lehi or Santaquin
1:40   Nephi West Point I-15
0:50   Salina Nephi HWY 89
0:40   Emery Salina I-70
1:20   Spanish Fork West Point I-15
1:05   Price Spanish Fork HWY 6
1:00   Emery Price HWY 10
2:15   Emery Spanish Fork  
3:30 260 Emery West Point Price
0:50   Salina Nephi HWY 89
0:55   Salina Nephi I-15 & Scipio
0:15   Richfield Salina  
3:00   Richfield West Point  
3:55 240 Bicknell (Loa) West Point  
  Red Creek    
2:00   Red Creek West Point I-84
1:05   Heber West Point SLC
0:50   Red Creek Heber  
1:55 120 Red Creek West Point SLC
2:07 127 Red Creek West Point Morgan
0:30   I-70/191 Moab  
0:20   I-70/Hwy 6 I-70/191  
0:55   Hwy 10 Price I-70/Hwy 6  
1:10   I-15 (Spanish Fork) Hwy 10 Price  
4:00 264 Moab West Point  
  St. George    
4:15   St George Blvd exit Layton  
0:40   Pachoon Pits St George Blvd exit  
5:30   Pachoon Pits (with stops) Layton (leaving @ 4AM)  
0:40   South Town Mall West Point  
1:15 78 Spanish Fork West Point  
1:20 92 Santaquin West Point  
0:30   Nephi Spanish Fork  
2:20   Scipio West Point  
0:55   Scipio Spanish Fork  
1:15   Filmore Spanish Fork  
1:55   Beaver Spanish Fork  
2:20   Parowan Spanish Fork  
0:40 47 Tremonton West Point  
1:00 59 Logan West Point Tremonton
1:30   Malad West Point  
2:55   Beaver Layton  
1:20   St George Blvd Beaver  

Additional Notes:

Desert Mountain - If home is north of Desert Mountain, it is NOT shorter NOR faster going south to Delta then heading home on Hwy 6.  The power plant looks a lot closer than it really is and you will gain nothing by going that way.  Trust me.